Tony Curran is Hondscioh

Tony CURRAN (Hondscioh) made one of his first on screen appearances as the travel agent in Danny Boyle’sShallow Grave. Following that appearance with several others in films such as Captives, directed by Angela Pope, and Nervous Energy, and Go Now, Curran landed the lead in the comedy short film Coming Down and then as Emerson in the television mystery series Touching Evil. He then played his first Viking, in The 13thWarrior, based on Michael Crichton’s book. Curran played an assassin in Gladiator,and made an appearance in the blockbuster Pearl Harbor, Blade II, and then played the Invisible Man in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Rodney opposite Dennis Quaid in Flight of the Phoenix. He is currently wrapping up production on Underworld: Evolution opposite Kate Beckinsale.